Africa World Initiative


Africa World is a transdisciplinary space in Princeton established to harness and optimize University initiatives focused on Africa, and ensure a multiway exchange with stakeholders on the African continent. The center serves as a hub for public-facing research, policy and entrepreneurial work, robust engagement and collaboration with African institutions, scholarly networks, and knowledge industries that shape life and societies within the continent, as it negotiates its relationship with the world.

Events and Programs

Achebe Colloquium On Africa

The Achebe Colloquium on Africa, the legacy project established by the famed Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe, brings together an international cast of leading and emerging scholars, high-level representatives of African governments, international agencies,  the United States, the European Union, and civil society and policy organizations and stakeholders for intense deliberation on pressing issues affecting the African continent, from good governance, economic growth, and resource management, to climate change, cultural loss, health and education.

Africa World Lectures

A high-level platform for imagining, assessing and keeping pace with the idea, realities and futures of Africa by the continent’s finest minds. The lectures are established to bring greater visibility, from the perspective of Africa, to Princeton’s support of knowledge production about Africa. The lectures will take place in October.



Postdoctoral Fellowships

AWI sponsors five postdoctoral fellows in the Program in African Studies.

Visiting Scholars

We will host researchers and scholars from African public and private sector institutions on short term visits. Visitors will not be expected to teach; rather they will work on specific research projects alongside their sponsoring Princeton collaborators.

Projects and Initatives

Artists and Writers Residency

Africa World, in partnership with Office of Vice Provost for International Affairs, and Mpala Research Center, with support of Kenyan stakeholders, will establish a residency program at the Mpala Research Center, for writers and artists from East Africa.

African Archives Project

The Africa Archives Project (AAP), consisting of diverse projects devised by and relevant to Princeton faculty engaged in he work of archiving and memory in and around Africa. The core idea and outcome is a digital archive hosted at Princeton and accessible to scholars and researchers everywhere. While components of this archive would document the past, some will exist as “living” platforms that would grow with time, as new, relevant materials were deposited. The AAP supports physical archives projects on the African continent.

Technology and Innovation Partnerships

It is vital to reposition Princeton’s engagement with science and technology research and innovation in and about Africa. We harness existing Princeton-based resources, including Pan-African Scientific Research Council and Africa Innovation Hub, to strengthen the place of Africa in Princeton’s investment in STEM Innovation.  AWI serves as the institutional locus for research, and collaboration initiatives, projects and programs with African institutions and stakeholders.